Revolution in Railway Operations
More relevant information with less effort – and ultimate efficiency. Frauscher Sensonic is a trailblazer for the use of fibre optic sensing in the global railway market. Find out what makes the company a pioneer in the field of railway-specific tracking solutions …
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About the Company

Frauscher Sensonic

Tracking and monitoring trains, components and people on and near the tracks – in real-time and with a single solution. Frauscher Sensonic lives up to the challenge of railway-specific requirements due to rapidly progressing digitalisation. With end-to-end solutions based on fibre optic sensing (FOS) for diverse applications. 

Find out what makes our company a global market leader for innovative tracking in the railway sector – besides the technology, of course. 

FOS Technology

Operating Principle and Use in Railway Operation

Frauscher Sensonic is well-versed in the areas of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and data processing. Moreover, our experts can draw on decades-long experience in the global railway industry. The first quantitative FOS system of the industry resulted from this fruitful combination – and it is going to revolutionise railway operations. 


Integration and Applications

Train tracking, asset condition monitoring or safety and security: With an innovative system for continuous detection, Frauscher Sensonic has cleared the way for new tracking possibilities in the international railway industry. The innovative FOS solution can be implemented for diverse applications and easily integrated into existing systems. See for yourself!

Newsroom & Events

What’s Happening at Frauscher Sensonic

Frauscher Sensonic moves with the times. More than that: In many technological matters, we are indeed far ahead of our time. You would like to stay up to date in this regard? In our newsroom, you can find out what’s currently happening. A look at the upcoming events shows you what we’ve got planned. 

Always stay “on track”, too! Our team will be happy to answer all your questions about the company, the technology or our tailor-made solution