Four steps to Smarter Track Condition Monitoring


Generate SonicTwin® of track infrastructure


Data gathered from every train


Identify deteriorating performance early


Use heatmaps and reports to optimise maintenance

We listen to deliver track condition insight

The Sensonic Track Condition Monitoring application delivers railway operators and maintenance teams improved insight into the changing condition of their track assets. Vibration data from passing trains is gathered by lineside fiber optic cables to track performance changes.

  • Identify emerging faults quickly
  • Combine current and historical performance to trend and forecast
  • Optimise and prioritise maintenance activities

We listen to the vibration signature of track under every passing train to generate a digital SonicTwin® of the track asset. We use heatmaps to highlight areas of change and determine trends to enable more efficient track maintenance strategies.

See it in action!

Changes in vibration due to evolving track issues (or improvements from maintenance interventions), are clearly highlighted via our heat maps which use a Sonic Track Index to highlight vibration changes over time. 

Here is an example of how an evolving track defect is easily identified on heatmap of route in Spain.

Reports highlighting evolving track issues deliver regular asset performance insight to track maintenance teams to better prioritise and plan maintenance before defects reach critical levels.

Track issues found via vibration change

Vibration-based insights for track maintenance

  • 24x7 Monitoring of track asset using fiber-optic sensing
  • Early detection of emerging issues
  • Optimise and prioritise track maintenance
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Improve route availability

We are enabling better decisions for railways.