Every vibration
has a story
to tell …

… and the world is
full of vibrations.

We hear and feel a vast amount of information from the vibrating world around us. From a squeaking door hinge needing oil, to the rumble of thunder telling us to seek shelter. We instinctively interpret noise and vibrations to help us navigate the world.

Sensonic technology extends our range of vibration detection using fiber optic cables as vibration sensors tens of kilometres away.

FOS — Fibre
Optic Sensing

Fiber optic cables are an often-unseen part of life transmitting data for our everyday connected lives. However, using clever technology, we can sense vibrations along the fiber length too, which can be extremely useful in monitoring remote or long linear assets.

Fiber optic cables work reliably in harsh environments, do not create and are immune to electromagnetic interference and have a long life. This makes them ideal for use in monitoring the railway and are often already installed for signalling and telecommunication purposes.

Sensing unit

The sensing unit sends laser pulses along a single optical fiber and monitors returning reflections to gather vibration information. It processes and stores raw data as well as sending data to the cloud for further analysis, processing, and storage. Each unit has two fibre connections monitoring up to 50km of fibre each (typically ~40km of railway) allowing up to 80km between sensing units.

Take a closer look with our 360-degree view.
Small in size – yet mighty in delivering insight.

It is built for the rail environment using dual redundant power supplies for reliability.


We generate a digital twin of detected vibrations to create a SonicTwin® of your railway.

We use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms to generate actionable insights in multiple areas to enable you to make better decisions for your railway.


Track Condition Monitoring

Physical Security Surveillance

Rockfall and Landslide Monitoring

Catenary Flashover Localisation

How we do it?

Intelligent algorithms, developed and trained with latest
Machine Learning form the core of our solution.

From Problem to Solution
A data driven journey that leads to better decisions.

Transforming large amounts of data into actionable information in real time requires smart and powerful solutions. At Sensonic, we develop algorithms dedicated to this purpose. We train them with latest Machine Learning approaches and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We use an AI pipeline that tests, compares, and evaluates models with different features, settings, and methods fully automatically. Optimised models can then be rolled out and evaluated on the systems in the field.

  • Listening
    Gathering data

    The system is set up simply and quickly. Once connected to the fiber the Sensonic Solution quickly begins to collect raw data. In parallel, ground truth data is input into the system. Data preparation and segregation can start, and we start labelling the data to get ready for translation into actionable information.

  • Analytics Applied
    Turning data into information.

    To derive actionable information by analysing data, the Sensonic Solution utilises intelligent algorithms. These are developed by a combination of signal processing, machine, and deep learning. As we apply latest approaches and combine our experience with up to date know how from expert partners. This can be initiated with just a small amount of data delivering outputs quickly.

    Over time, the information and quality of insight increases using an applied model training pipeline. That means that new applications can be developed whilst proven algorithms will learn and improve with each installation worldwide.

  • Delivering Insights
    Your information – your way

    The wide range of information the Sensonic solution provides can be accessed in several ways, tailored to your needs. You can use the Sensonic Dashboard to receive all information in optimised visualisations, live views, and summaries. Alarms and notifications can be sent via e-mail or SMS. Additionally, the information can be implemented into existing software infrastructures via API. Your solution - your choice.

  • User Feedback
    Together we grow stronger.

    With the Sensonic Solution in place you’re equipped to optimise your operations based on better insight to enable decisions. However, this is only the start of our common journey. Using your feedback, the solution grows ever stronger as your inputs enable continuous development of our intelligent algorithms. Adaptions to real-life requirements increase the system’s potential in line with your needs. Let’s make it happen together.

We are enabling better decisions for railways.