Category Landslide and Rockfall

Weather on the Warpath - Rain
General Landslide and Rockfall

2024-05-08 · Daniel Pyke · 16min

We explore the challenges extreme rain poses to railway infrastructure reliability.

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Weather on the Warpath - Heat
General Railway Maintenance Landslide and Rockfall Track Condition Monitoring Catenary Flashover

2024-04-25 · Daniel Pyke · 14min

We look at some of the main challenges heat poses to railway infrastructure reliability.

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Simplifying landslide detection
Landslide and Rockfall

2024-02-07 · Daniel Pyke · 6min

Explore how distributed acoustic sensing transforms railway landslide detection from hit and miss, to intelligent whole route protection.

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Railway rockfalls – Big and small
Landslide and Rockfall

2023-11-28 · Daniel Pyke · 7min

Explore the threat of railway rockfalls - from small pebbles to cascading slides. Learn how rocks disrupt tracks, the forces at play, and innovative AI technology detecting these hazards in real-time. Discover the unseen dangers and solutions for safeguarding rail routes 24/7

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing for railways explained
General Railway Security Landslide and Rockfall Track Condition Monitoring Catenary Flashover

2023-09-21 · Daniel Pyke · 6min

Discover the fascinating world of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology in our latest blog post. Explore the applications and advantages of DAS for monitoring railways and ensuring their safety and efficiency.

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Detecting Landslides and Rockfalls – Preventing natural hazards becoming railway accidents
Landslide and Rockfall

2023-05-15 · Daniel Pyke · 5min

Natural hazards like landslides and rockfalls can pose serious threats to railway safety. Sensonic's latest blog post explores the technologies and strategies that can help detect and prevent these hazards from becoming accidents. Discover how early warning systems and real-time monitoring can improve railway safety and reliability. Read now on the Sensonic blog.

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