Fault Location


Four steps to faster catenary flashover recovery


Identify exact location of flashover


Repair team to the problem location


Correct issue and inspect for damage


Re-energise section and return into service

We listen to locate catenary faults

The Sensonic flashover location application delivers railway operations and overhead maintenance teams’ precise location of overhead flashover faults.

  • Find faults quickly
  • Repair and inspect only the problem equipment
  • Get lines re-energised faster
  • Reduce disruption

Directing teams to the exact problem location avoids time being wasted inspecting whole electrical sections and reduces the likelihood of reporting “no-fault-found”. It also decreases the time and distance of teams on-track reducing staff risk.

See it in action!

Vibration-based insights for locating catenary faults

  • 24x7 Location of catenary flashover faults using fiber-optic sensing
  • Accurate location of flashover determined within minutes
  • Inspect problem point, not entire route sections
  • Combine with other Sensonic railway applications for more railway insights

We are enabling better decisions for railways.

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