One technology
Multiple insights

Providing insights for railways

Our unique technology platform informs multiple railway disciplines by delivering actionable information to operations, maintenance, and security teams.

Our single passive trackside sensing element generates no EMC issues, carries no voltage, and has decades of proven reliability in the railway environment.

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Track Condition Monitoring

Physical Security Surveillance

Rockfall and Landslide Monitoring

Catenary Flashover Localisation

Delivering multiple insights from a single sensing technology with minimal, or in some cases no extra lineside infrastructure offers an unmatched simplicity of roll out. Each sensing unit can monitor up to 80km of track, requiring only power, internet, and fiber connection.

The units small size belies the wealth of insight that can be obtained to enable safer, more efficient railway operations and maintenance.

Vibration based insights

  • Multiple insights from one system
  • 24×7 Monitoring with near-real-time alerts
  • Limited or no additional equipment on-track
  • Simple and scalable roll out
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