Who are Sensonic?

Sensonic is an information provider based on deep-tech. Our railway solution enables users to monitor entire track and fibre optic networks. Born from Frauscher Sensor Technology we monitor vibrations via fiber optic sensing, creating a SonicTwin® to derive valuable information, using intelligent algorithms trained by latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) approaches

We provide a previously unattainable depth of insight on topics, such as track condition, events like landslides and rockfalls, and covert security information such as trespass, digging and cable theft.

This powerful view from one technology revolutionises the way decisions can be made and helps take railway efficiency to the next level. 

Providing Information As A Service

Our innovative approach allows for low upfront customer investment to realise vast information gains.
We provide installation, commissioning, and operational maintenance support.

We maintain and continually improve system reliability and performance with updates.
Functionality and applications can be tailored to customer requirements.

The best hardware

An industry leading technical hardware platform allows for quantitative signal assessment based on multiple properties of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). It delivers unmatched signal bandwidth and low sensor noise floor.

Our hardware is built for reliability in the rail environment with redundant power supplies, capacity for expanded local memory storage, and flexible data interfaces.

Software and interfaces
that work for you

Flexible configuration and tuning options, including a wide range of engineering tools that allow signal processing, data capture, graphical displays, reporting, and configuration. Capability to perform software-based optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) assessment.

Dedicated railway experience

Our team comprises both experienced railway and fiber optic sensing professionals with nearly 100 years of combined industry experience.

We have over 800TB of real railway data for research and development of both current and future applications.

At the cutting edge

We have several granted patents on Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) in railway environment with many more in progress.

Our technology partner Sintela gives us exclusive access to further intellectual property proven in multiple use-cases in other industry sectors globally.

Streamlined project delivery

Our geographically diverse delivery team provides technical support, project delivery, customer training, and operational integration consultation locally.

Our Journey so far


The first spark of an idea 

At the Wheel Detection Forum Fiber optic sensing was discussed with Frauscher.

2012 & 2013

Investigations and comparisons of technology made including:  

  • Strain gauge
  • Fiber Bragg gratings
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Investigations and comparisons of technology made including:  

  • Analysing DAS suppliers
  • Identify and co-operate with partner (Optasense)
  • First trials for various applications

Launch of DAS-based Frauscher Tracking Solutions at Innotrans with technology partner – Fotech


Add rail specific logic and algorithms to existing DAS units and develop our own FOS platform based on a new generation of DAS


Achieved more than 25 installations worldwide and analysis of various new generation DAS sensors


Sensonic spin-out company created. Focus on close R&D partnerships with various stakeholder to enhance minimum viable products based on quantitative measurement

Technology partnership formed with Sintela


Joint venture formed with Sintela

2020 & 2021

Complete shift to new generation DAS based on quantitative measurements and enhancement of minimum viable products

2021 & 2022

Successful validation of the capability to detect anomalies and changes in vibration caused by track degradation – The birth of track condition monitoring


Launch of Track Condition Monitoring (TCM) application which enables maintainers to do targeted inspection and to enable condition-based maintenance for the track infrastructure


First train accident prevented by a Sensonic rockfall alert


First critical rail defect identified solely by Sensonic TCM application


Successful validation of rockfall detection on the railway

Demonstration of security detection scenarios such as walking and digging near the railway

How our technology works

Our mission

Revolutionising how better decisions are made

We are pioneering innovative technologies that make it possible to see entire rail and telecom networks completely and accurately at any moment in time.

Our real-time, full-scale ‘digital twins’ provide unparalleled historical insight and future predictions.

Our purpose

Improving the connections between people and places.

For rail and telecom networks to realize their full potential, operations need to be taken to the next level.

Rail and telecom networks are critical infrastructure people depend on to stay connected.

Meet some

Our certificates


IQNet Quality Managementsystem Certificate


qualityaustria Quality Managementsystem Certificate


CiS Information Security Management System Certificate

Enabling better decisions.