Three steps to better railway security


Locate suspicious activity


Build risk profile


Action appropriate response

We listen to deliver railway security

The Sensonic Security Application supports railway operators and security managers in protecting critical railway infrastructure components:

  • Prevent disruptions to railway operations
  • Maintain safety of railway assets and passengers
  • Prevent damage or loss of railway property

The Sensonic solution monitors entire routes for activities that pose a threat to security. These include human and animal trespass, ground digging, and cable tampering.

Realtime security information helps railway personnel make better tactical and strategic decisions. Integrated with CCTV it enables railway personnel to identify and respond to imminent dangers and threats whilst also gathering critical evidence. Strategic use enables intelligence to be gathered over time to build risk profiles, to identify trends and patterns of suspicious activities, and to assess the effectiveness of security measures implemented.

See it in action!

Vibration based insights to secure railway infrastructure

  • 24/7 covert surveillance of rail assets
  • Realtime comprehensive monitoring of long and remote areas
  • Base security intelligence on activity patterns and trends
  • Target preventative security measures effectively based on risk data

We are enabling better decisions for railways.

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