Rockfall alerts


Three steps to avoid railway landslide and rockfall accidents


Real time detection of landslides or rockfalls


Receive notification and precise location


Appropriate response initiated

We listen to deliver landslide and rockfall alerts

Our natural hazard detection system warns railways in near-real-time of potential landslides or rockfalls along their rail routes as they occur. This supports operators to take action where a rockfall or landslip has been detected to:

  • Avoid accidents
  • Maintain safety of railway passengers and staff
  • Prevent further damage to railway infrastructure and rollingstock
  • Precisely locate the issue

Our landslide and rockfall detection works by monitoring vibrations along entire railway routes to listen for characteristic vibrations caused by falling rocks or moving earth. It uses an optical fibre running alongside the track to detect vibrations providing protection along the entire fibre route.

Sensonic Rockfall detection railway

Alternative landslide and rockfall detection solutions often rely on many discrete point sensors that sense only very local disturbances and require power and communications at every location, a significant challenge in remote areas. Traditional cable and wire systems are prone to failure and require manual reset by people on site. Due to the installation and operation challenges, difficult choices must often be made on which areas of track to protect with these techniques.

Sensonic provides an improved modern alternative. We use fiber optic cable to provide continuous landslide and rockfall protection for long lengths of track. The system resolves the location of landslide and rockfall detections quickly and accurately allowing action to be taken and accidents prevented.

See it in action!

Vibration based insights to secure railway infrastructure

  • 24/7 monitoring of railways for landslide and rockfalls
  • Realtime comprehensive monitoring of long and remote areas
  • No plethora of trackside sensors required
  • One unit protects 80km
  • Prevent natural hazards turning into railway accidents

We are enabling better decisions for railways.

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