Revolutionising how
better decisions
are made.

Unparalleled historical insights, real-time monitoring and the ability to predict the future: A holistic network view that will change your way of making decisions.

The world is full of vibrations. Using the latest AI and Machine Learning approaches, we constantly improve our unique capabilities to interpret and understand them – deriving highly valuable, actionable information that will take your operations to the next level.

Every vibration has
a story to tell …

… and the world is full of vibrations.

We translate these stories
into valuable information …

… that will revolutionise how better
decisions are made.

The Sensonic Edge Device turns fiber optic cables into a distributed acoustic sensor.

Vibrations occuring along
your network will
radiate against the fiber …

… and are now detected in real
time by the Sensonic Edge Device.

The Sensonic Solution then derives a digital twin of all these vibrations.

How do we do it?

Intelligent algorithms, developed and trained with latest
Machine Learning form the core of our solution.

From Problem to Solution
A data driven journey that will lead to better decisions

Transforming large amounts of data into actionable information in real time requires smart and powerful solutions. At Sensonic, we develop algorithms dedicatedly for this purpose. We train them with latest Machine Learning approaches and Artificial Intelligence findings. We have set up an AI pipeline that tests, compares and evaluates models with different features, settings and methods fully automatically. Optimised models can then be rolled out and evaluated on the systems in the field again.

This requires close cooperation with our customers and partners. Why? Because reference systems and ground truth are crucial to carry out this evaluation. With each roundtrip and with each additional installation, the algorithms become better and better and can also be optimised with regard to the respective installation and its processes.

  • Problem Definition
    What the Sensonic Solution can do for you.

    The Sensonic Solution has proven its power in global installations throughout various fields of applications. Whether you want to get a real-time overview on train traffic all along your network or monitor your infrastructure live 24/7 and get notifications for any events and activities taking place next to the fiber optic cable:

    Let’s find out what your use cases would be and how to combine them.

  • Data Gathering
    From 0 to terabytes of data in no time.

    The system is set up simply and quickly. According to the requirements of your use cases, the Sensonic Solution will instantly collect raw data. In parallel, ground truth data will be implemented to the system. Data preparation and segregation can start and we start labelling the data to get ready for translation into actionable information.

  • Analytics Applied
    Starting over and turn right into action.

    To derive actionable information by analysing data, the Sensonic Solution utilises intelligent algorithms. These are developed by a combination of signal processing, machine and deep learning. As we apply latest approaches and combine our experience with up-to-date know how from partners who are experts in these fields, this can be initiated with just a small amount of data already. That said, the system starts providing you with desired information right away.

    Over time, the scope of information and the quality can even increase by an applied model training pipeline. That means that new applications can be developed together whilst proven algorithms will learn and improve with each installation worldwide.

  • Get Insights
    Visualised information or actionable data
    – your choice.

    Intelligent algorithms transform labelled data into highly valuable information. These algorithms will constantly improve and learn with each installation by means of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. That said, the system starts providing you with desired information right away. Over time, the scope of information and the quality can even increase by an applied model training pipeline and thus the use cases can even be extended.

  • User Feedback
    Together we grow ever stronger.

    With the Sensonic Solution in place you’re perfectly equipped to optimize your operations based on better decisions – but this is only the start of our common journey. By your feedback, the solution will grow ever stronger as we use your inputs for continuous development of our intelligent algorithms. Adaptions to real-life requirements will increase the system’s potential exactly along your needs. Let’s make it happen together.


  • Holistic, 24/7 real-time-view of all activities along your network
  • Generate forecasts by combining live data from the digital twin with historic data
  • Detect any rail vehicle without specific onboard requirements
  • Minimal investment and follow-up costs compared to pure onboard solutions
  • Simple and quick rollout: just power, internet and fiber optic cables are needed

Available Solution

Train Tracking

The Sensonic Solution detects all trains along an equipped railway network in real-time – without needing any specific onboard equipment. Rail vehicles can be detected from a speed of 2km/h on. Each train is located with an accuracy of less than 5m and can be assigned to a certain track on double-line tracks.

Information about start and end of a train, speed, acceleration, travelling direction and expected time of arrival at a certain point can be transmitted in a data stream which is updated every tenth of a second.

This information is an essential component for precise train traffic management, enabling decision makers to achieve an optimal utilisation of their network.

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Available Solution

Condition Monitoring

Using intelligent algorithms, the Sensonic Solution reports anomalies along a monitored network. Massive changes are detected within two train movements whereby an alarm can be created immediately. The system also detects the accumulation of irregularities at a certain point over time. These can indicate signs of wear which are reported in a timely manner by means of appropriately defined threshold values.

Based on this information, inspections can be carried out event-related and maintenance measures can be planned and executed more efficiently.

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Available Solution

Protection of Infrastructure

Using Fiber Optic Sensing, the Sensonic Solution is extremely sensitive. Therefore, even people walking close to a monitored fiber can be detected. On that base, authorised movements of working crews can be monitored. It is of course also possible to supervise full networks and alarm unauthorised activities in restricted areas, such as vandalism or cable theft.

Footsteps of individuals are clearly reflected in the digital twin the Sensonic Solution generated from vibrations caused by them. Depending on the configuration you chose, according reports can be sent to the dashboard or other instances right away.

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One Stop Shop Solutions:
for better performance

We think that the use cases shown impressively prove that FOS can contribute significantly to mastering the major challenges in various segments: increasing capacities, reducing costs and minimising risks.

The potential of this technology: it is not a question of if or when, but how to make the best use of this information.

Higher Capacity

Reduced Costs

Minimised Risk

  • train journeys
  • train characteristics
  • train integrity
  • track defect warning
  • continuous track monitoring
  • partial derailment
  • physical protection
  • localisation of flash over
  • continuous wheel monitoring
  • protecting critical infrastructure
  • monitor natural hazards
  • fiber health monitoring
  • fiber physical protection