Sensonic goes stateside with new US office

2024-04-30 · Daniel Pyke · 3min

Sensonic expands global footprint with new US office, deepening commitment to North American rail industry.

Sensonic, a leading developer of intelligent sensing solutions for the railway industry, announced the official opening of its new office in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. This strategic move marks a significant expansion of Sensonic's global presence and underscores its dedicated focus on serving the growing needs of the North American railroad industry.

Since its inception, Sensonic has established itself as a pioneer in Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, providing railways with real-time insights into track health, infrastructure integrity, and security threats. The company's innovative solutions empower railways to optimize maintenance, ensure safety, and improve efficiency combining cutting edge fiber optic sensing and artificial intelligence.


US Office Team

Left to right: Bob Eckert – Director of Engineering, Vivek Caroli – CEO, Ashish Jain – Managing Director, Claudia Dziepak – Office Manager, Milad Salemi – Research Scientist

"Opening our new US office represents a major milestone in our commitment to the North American market," said Vivek Caroli, CEO of Sensonic. "This location will enable us to better serve customers and partners and expand our reach across this region."

The new office will serve as a central hub for Sensonic's North American operations, housing an expert team of sales, technical, and engineering personnel. This local presence will facilitate closer collaboration with customers and ensure faster response times to serve the needs of the North American rail landscape.

"We are excited to leverage our cutting-edge technologies to address the challenges faced by North American railways," said Ashish Jain, Managing Director of Sensonic US "Our new office will allow us to tailor our solutions and provide high-quality services to North American railroads, ultimately contributing to a safer, more dependable, and efficient railway ecosystem."

Sensonic US Inc office is located at:

103 Carnegie Center
Suite 300, Office 315
New Jersey 08540

See here for a full list of Sensonic locations

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