Appointment of new Sensonic Chief Executive Officer, Vivek Caroli

2023-04-03 · Daniel Pyke · 3min

Sensonic, an innovative leader in providing insightful solutions for railways, is pleased to announce the appointment of Vivek Caroli as its new Chief Executive Officer. 

Vivek has a proven track record of over 30 years of success in rail globally, along with extensive experience with both Sensonic and Frauscher. He was previously the Chief Revenue Officer of Sensonic, where he propelled several business milestones. In the past, Vivek has also served as the Managing Director for Frauscher North America. In this role, Vivek was crucial in introducing the Frauscher Group to the North American railway industry and establishing an extremely successful business presence from scratch. In his new role, Vivek will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operations, including strategy, finance, business development, marketing, and product development. He will work closely with all stakeholders to continue to drive both growth and innovation at Sensonic. 

As Sensonic continues to develop, demonstrate, and prove its innovative fibre optic sensing solutions for railway clients, we are also preparing for the next phase of business growth. We believe that Vivek's expertise and leadership will guide the company towards continued success and help strengthen and deepen customer partnerships.  

Vivek's experience will stand him in good stead as his acumen, leadership, and expertise in scaling start-ups, make him the ideal person to lead Sensonic into a successful next stage. 

Vivek succeeds Christian Pucher, who continues as the Managing Director of Sensonic, Austria and Chief Marketing Officer. This strategic move ensures a smooth transition and a continued focus on our mission to empower railways to revolutionise their operations. 

About Sensonic 

Sensonic at its heart enables the transition to a more digital railway, turning optical fibre cables into sensitive microphones gathering vibration information along their entire length. Using digital twin, AI, and machine learning, Sensonic provides crucial information to railway operators and service providers about railway assets, including monitoring of track condition, infrastructure, natural hazards, and security. Sensonic closely collaborates with customers to help them use its information in the most effective way as well as to fuel continued technological enhancements. Sensonic’s mission remains consistent, to deliver insight to enable railways to make better decisions. 

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