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We pioneer the use of fiber optic vibration sensing to deliver railway insights across multiple disciplines. We monitor track condition, detect trespass and cable security events, and alert operators to natural hazards such as landslides or rock falls.

We create a digital twin / SonicTwin® of entire rail routes, to deliver unparalleled historical, actual and predictive railway information. Using standard, often pre-existing, fiber optic cables we enable railways to make better decisions.

Author Daniel Pyke

Elephants get rail protection with fiber optics and AI
General Railway Security

2024-06-12 · Daniel Pyke · 4min

We are implementing a groundbreaking elephant detection system for Indian Railways using AI-enabled fiber optic sensing to protect both elephants and train operations.

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Weather on the Warpath - Rain
General Landslide and Rockfall

2024-05-08 · Daniel Pyke · 16min

We explore the challenges extreme rain poses to railway infrastructure reliability.

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Sensonic goes stateside with new US office

2024-04-30 · Daniel Pyke · 3min

Sensonic expands global footprint with new US office, deepening commitment to North American rail industry.

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Weather on the Warpath - Heat
General Railway Maintenance Landslide and Rockfall Track Condition Monitoring Catenary Flashover

2024-04-25 · Daniel Pyke · 14min

We look at some of the main challenges heat poses to railway infrastructure reliability.

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Sensonic eyes up next level railway security
General Railway Security

2024-04-23 · Daniel Pyke · 3min

Sensonic announces the addition of CCTV functionality to its groundbreaking Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) security system.

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The Sense of a Sensor-less railway
General Railway Maintenance

2024-03-13 · Daniel Pyke · 8min

Explore how "Sensor-less wayside sensing" with fiber optics and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) revolutionises railway monitoring. Discover its applications in security, landslide detection, and track fault monitoring. Watch the video for insights into the future of railway infrastructure monitoring.

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AI on Track: Your New Sidekick?

2024-03-06 · Daniel Pyke · 11min

Discover the transformative role of AI in railways. From Narrow AI to General and Super AI, explore capabilities and classifications. Learn how AI enhances safety, efficiency, and reliability. Delve into pros and cons, showcasing its potential in data analysis. At Sensonic, witness real-world applications using AI for proactive rail management. 

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Tracks and Turbines: A Green Alliance - But not how you might expect

2024-02-19 · Daniel Pyke · 5min

Explore the surprising alliance between railways and wind turbines in our blog, 'Tracks and Turbines: A Green Alliance.' Discover how vibration sensing technology ensures sustainability and efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing safety. Learn more about this unexpected partnership and the future potential for predictive maintenance.

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Simplifying landslide detection
Landslide and Rockfall

2024-02-07 · Daniel Pyke · 6min

Explore how distributed acoustic sensing transforms railway landslide detection from hit and miss, to intelligent whole route protection.

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Cloud Processing vs. On-Site Data Hubs: Weighing the Pros and Cons

2024-01-29 · Daniel Pyke · 10min

Explore the world of data management in our blog comparing Cloud Processing to On-Site Data Hubs! Discover the benefits of cloud computing, from efficiency to scalability, and weigh them against challenges like internet dependency and data privacy concerns. 

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Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) explored

2024-01-11 · Daniel Pyke · 5min

Explore Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) in our blog. Learn its significance, definition, and application in railway systems. Discover how SIL levels are determined, industry standards, and examples. Delve into SIL as a safety promise and improvement benchmark. 

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Railway security – Types of track trespass
Railway Security

2023-12-14 · Daniel Pyke · 15min

Discover the risks and prevention strategies associated with railway track trespass. Explore various forms of trespass, from accidents to deliberate acts, and learn about innovative security solutions like Sensonic's detection technology.

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Railway rockfalls – Big and small
Landslide and Rockfall

2023-11-28 · Daniel Pyke · 7min

Explore the threat of railway rockfalls - from small pebbles to cascading slides. Learn how rocks disrupt tracks, the forces at play, and innovative AI technology detecting these hazards in real-time. Discover the unseen dangers and solutions for safeguarding rail routes 24/7

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4 years of railway innovations

2023-11-20 · Daniel Pyke · 6min

Celebrate Sensonics' 4th birthday with a reflection on our AI-powered innovations transforming the railway industry. Explore our CEO's insights, key applications, global expansion, and cybersecurity focus. Discover how our team's dedication and vibrant culture drive our success. Join us for more installations, customer successes, and groundbreaking AI applications ahead.

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SonicTwins, Digital Twins and BIM explained

2023-10-24 · Daniel Pyke · 8min

Unlock the power of SonicTwins, Digital Twins, and BIM in our latest blog post. Discover the future of digital modeling, data integration, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Get insights from industry experts and stay ahead of the curve in construction and design.

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing for railways explained
General Railway Security Landslide and Rockfall Track Condition Monitoring Catenary Flashover

2023-09-21 · Daniel Pyke · 6min

Discover the fascinating world of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology in our latest blog post. Explore the applications and advantages of DAS for monitoring railways and ensuring their safety and efficiency.

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How to Secure Railway Infrastructure from Vandalism, Theft, and Terrorism
Catenary flashovers - The basics and how to find them fast
Catenary Flashover

2023-07-05 · Daniel Pyke · 11min

Delve into catenary flashovers on Discover the basics, risks, and practical tips for identification. Explore power transmission safety and reliability.

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Detecting Landslides and Rockfalls – Preventing natural hazards becoming railway accidents
Landslide and Rockfall

2023-05-15 · Daniel Pyke · 5min

Natural hazards like landslides and rockfalls can pose serious threats to railway safety. Sensonic's latest blog post explores the technologies and strategies that can help detect and prevent these hazards from becoming accidents. Discover how early warning systems and real-time monitoring can improve railway safety and reliability. Read now on the Sensonic blog.

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How to combat cable theft in railways?
Railway Security

2023-04-21 · Daniel Pyke · 5min

Learn effective ways to prevent cable theft in railways with Sensonic's latest blog post. Discover the technologies and strategies that can help combat this growing problem and keep railway systems safe and operational.

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Hydrogen Color Explained

2023-11-07 · Daniel Pyke · 8min

Unlock the world of hydrogen with our simple guide to understanding hydrogen colours! Learn the significance of Brown, Blue, and Green hydrogen in this explanation. Explore how different production methods affect the environment. Sensonic also provides valuable insights into railway security solutions.

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Sensonic are ISO27001 Certified
General Railway Security

2023-05-18 · Daniel Pyke · 4min

Discover the latest achievement of Sensonic as we proudly announce our ISO27001 certification. Learn how this certification ensures the highest standards of information security and data protection for our clients. Read more about Sensonic's commitment to maintaining a secure environment in their latest blog post.

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Appointment of new Sensonic Chief Executive Officer, Vivek Caroli

2023-04-03 · Daniel Pyke · 3min

Sensonic is pleased to announce the appointment of Vivek Caroli as the new Chief Executive Officer. Learn more about Caroli's background, his vision for Sensonic, and how his leadership will drive the company's continued growth and innovation in the industrial technology space. Read now on the Sensonic blog.

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  • 24/7 view of activities along your network
  • Detect issues early – Every train delivers data
  • Generate forecasts by combining live and historic data from the SonicTwin®
  • Simple and quick rollout: just power, internet and fiber optic cable.
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