Sensonic in Practice


Train tracking, asset condition monitoring as well as safety and security are among the primary applications of the FOS solution by Sensonic. 

New Possibilities Thanks to Continuous Tracking

Solution by Sensonic

Detecting and monitoring trains, assets and people in real-time both on and near the track – all with a single solution. Based on fibre optic sensing (FOS), Frauscher Sensonic provides the technological foundation for a comprehensive system with diverse applications for the railway industry. 

Accumulated notifications for particular locations | © Frauscher Sensor Technology
Inform & Control

Train Tracking

On lines that are monitored via Frauscher Sensonic, train journeys can be continuously tracked. The system generates on-going real-time data about the position, speed, acceleration, direction of travel, length and estimated time of arrival of rolling stock. In doing so, the Sensonic system supports operators in optimising existing areas of use and in establishing new applications. 

Sensonic … 

… provides information for 

  • optimised traffic management 
  • train speed management 

… controls systems such as

  • platform announcements 
  • time displays 
Monitor & Detect

Asset Condition Monitoring

Innovative and future-oriented maintenance strategies are now based on real-time information about the condition of track and train components. Useful connected data about these parameters replaces standard predetermined maintenance cycles, which is enabled by Sensonic’s continual monitoring of relevant system components. 

Based on this monitoring process, trend analyses can be created. Moreover, the Sensonic system detects spontaneously occurring events along the monitored rail line. This significantly increases the efficiency in scheduling and implementing maintenance work. 

Sensonic … 

… continually monitors: 

  • track condition 
  • rail fastening 
  • condition of the track bed 
  • wheel defects 

… detects spontaneous events such as: 

  • natural hazards 
  • catenary flashovers 
Secure & Protect

Safety & Security

For the implementation of safety applications, FOS-based solutions have already become mainstream in various industries – for instance, in the oil and gas industry. The global railway market has specific requirements regarding the safety of its infrastructure, and Frauscher offers operators of rail networks a comprehensive safety system. 

Sensonic … 

… protects:  

  • civilians 
  • work crews 

… prevents: 

  • trespassing 
  • cable theft
  • vandalism 
Quick and Easy

FOS Integration

The Frauscher Sensonic System is based on the use of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS). The fibre optic cables needed are often already part of the existing infrastructure next to the track. They are usually used for communication purposes. Since our system only requires a single-mode optical fibre of this type of cable, installation is quick and easy. The maintenance requirements are practically zero. The build and origin as well as the year of manufacture of the rail vehicle to be detected don’t matter. Moreover, no additional components need to be mounted on the trains. 

Sensonic significantly reduces life-cycle costs thanks to the following benefits: 

  • no trackside components 
  • use of existing fibre optic cables 
  • minimum maintenance requirements 
  • increased safety thanks to reduced work time on track 


You have questions about the individual applications? Our team will be happy to show you what Sensonic can accomplish in practice!