The Guiding Principles of Sensonic

Vision and Mission

How Frauscher and its company Sensonic revolutionise railway operations 

Our Corporate Philosophy

The Vision and Mission of Frauscher Sensonic

What makes collaborating with Frauscher Sensonic so unique? The continuous real-time monitoring of trains and tracks revolutionises railway operations. The thus generated data allows railway operators and contractual partners to make use of the information derived from this data via an open interface platform. We offer a unique solution for various applications – without the need for additional on-board or trackside components. 

“Track more with less” – Sensonic makes the claim of Frauscher become a reality in its ultimate form. What’s the vision that guides us, and how is our concrete mission accomplished in our daily work? Let’s find out! 

The Driving Force


In an increasingly complex world, we facilitate access to the information that our customers need. On the basis of Frauscher’s mission, our company Sensonic highlights where we are headed in the future: 

“Sensonic offers the first quantitative FOS solution specifically developed for the railway market. The use of the latest generation of DAS systems marks a quantum leap in this area – which we actively and collaboratively shape and make available for and with the industry.” – Christian Pucher, CEO Frauscher Sensonic

As this quote emphasises, Sensonic is based on the approach of disruptive innovation: We use technology that has never been used in railway operations before. All it takes is the existing communication infrastructure. Our specialists then convert the respective infrastructure constituents into a highly sensitive distributed sensor for generating a wide range of data. Mounting additional components onto the track or onto rolling stock isn’t necessary. 

Initial successful projects show: On the basis of this technology, railway operators can completely reorganise their operations management. See for yourself!  

Guiding Principles


“We enable the revolution of railway operation – by turning existing communication infrastructure into sensitive distributed sensors. Real-time information about train journeys, asset conditions or simply, data from monitoring the infrastructure can be accessed via an open interface platform. Our innovative approach to providing the solution holistically provides  immense flexibility and multiple advantages for the entire railway industry.” – Deep Desai, COO Frauscher Sensonic

Several of our partners are already on the fast track to the future. Find out more about FOS technology and its diverse applications! You’re interested in collaborating with us? We’re looking forward to a personal conversation