Fostering Innovation

About the Sensonic Company

A trailblazer in using fibre optic sensors in the global railway market. 

The Pioneer in FOS on Railways

About Sensonic

Frauscher Sensonic is the first company to develop railway-specific solutions based on fibre optic sensing (FOS). The goal is to offer easy-to-integrate, yet highly efficient end-to-end solutions in our markets worldwide. The base technology for this is the latest FOS generation, which enables quantitative measurements.  

Together with our customers and partners, we adapt this FOS technology for specific requirements and applications in the railway industry – and we are already offering minimum viable products. This makes us the industry leader in the area of FOS-applications for international railway market. 

Strong partners, firmly established company values, an exciting corporate history and distinct characteristics: Get to know Sensonic – the youngest company of the Frauscher Group!

Pioneers Drive Progress

The Collaboration of Sensonic and Sintela

The cornerstone of our success: decades-long experience and knowledge about the railway industry in combination with extensive know-how in the use of FOS technologies. In addition, we have found a strong partner for the development of sensor technology in one of the leading experts in this area. 

“With Frauscher Sensonic, we have created an independent company together with a strong partner that takes on a pioneering role. We’re proud of our collaboration with Sintela, whose experts are known for being true pioneers in the area of fibre optic sensing.” – Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher

Together, Sensonic and Sintela drive the progress of a FOS-based system that optimally meets the requirements of the railway industry. Optimum hardware components and adapted sensor technology meet intelligent and practice-oriented software solutions. 

“Frauscher Sensonic understands the specific sensing requirements of the railway industry, and we are pleased to join forces with them to deliver the next generation distributed fiber sensing platform customised for rail applications. Our shared know-how and joint team of experts provides an agile product development capability that delivers new rail specific innovations that drive long term sustainable value for rail customers.” – Magnus McEwen-King, CEO Sintela

Clear Vision – Strong Mission

What Sensonic Stands for

An increasing number of passengers, greater train density, high cost pressure: The railway industry faces a growing number of challenges that need to be met head on with economical measures. That’s where digitalisation of the railway system comes into play. What it takes is reliable and comprehensive data collected continuously and in real-time – right where it is created: on the track. Fibre optic sensing (FOS) solutions by Sensonic open up new and revolutionary possibilities in this regard. 

What company philosophy is this development based on?

How It All Started

The Origin Story of Sensonic

Since 2011, Frauscher has been focusing on the innovative potential of fibre optic sensing in the railway sector. With rapidly progressing global digitalisation in the past years, opportunities for development have exponentially increased – which Frauscher responded to with the establishment of a new company in 2019. 

The most important milestones along Sensonic’s journey so far: 

  • 2011: First contact with fibre optic sensing (FOS) at the Wheel Detection Forum (WDF). 
  • 2012–2013: Via technology scouting, various options like strain gauges, Fibre Bragg Grating and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) were compared and evaluated – with the aim of recognising future potentials. 
  • 2014: The decision was made to establish a new company unit focused on DAS; conversations with various providers, initiation of profitable collaborations, and installation of free pilot and test installations for various applications. 
  • 2016: Presentation of the DAS-based Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS at the InnoTrans in Berlin. 
  • 2017: Establishment of two parallel strategies: development of specific algorithms for existing DAS units and of a FOS platform based on quantitative monitoring. 
  • 2018: Data of more than 25 installations worldwide were collected and evaluated, new DAS generations were analysed, and first contracts were concluded. 
  • 2019: Founding and establishment of Frauscher Sensonic as a company with its own USP and clear objectives for the railway industry. 
Thinking about Tomorrow Today

What Makes Sensonic Unique

Industry-leading solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and co-creation: It’s this combination that makes Sensonic the global leader for railway-specific applications of fibre optic sensors. 

Towards a Digital Future

Industry-Leading FOS Solutions for the Railway Industry

Train tracking, asset condition monitoring or safety and security applications: Sensonic sets global benchmarks for innovative FOS solutions. For several years, we have been familiar with the operating principle and use of fibre optic sensors in the railway sector.  

Together with our partner Sintela, the pioneers of FOS technology, we have adapted our sensor system to the requirements of this sector. Installations around the globe provide important inputs – and are an essential prerequisite for the development of a groundbreaking solution.

Always on the Cutting Edge of Development

The Use of State-of-the-Art Technology

For our customers, we test the limits – always with the aim of creating maximum value for them. That’s why Sensonic uses state-of-the-art technology on the cutting edge of development.

With agile methods such as Scrum, mininum viable products or OKR, we tap the full potential of FOS for the rail industry.  The use of cutting-edge computing solutions enables the efficient processing of generated data sets. Artificial intelligence additionally accelerates this process.  

Customer Focus and Partnerships

Co-Creation for Maximum Added Value

Transparent and trust-based communication is the cornerstone of our close relationships with customers and partners. We believe in open platforms and ecosystems. We trust in achieving optimum results through collaborative research and development: tailor-made solutions for diverse requirements. 

You would like to find out more about Sensonic as a company of the Frauscher Group or about fibre optic sensing technology? Get in touch – we’re happy to answer all your questions!